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Sports Complex, my athletics column, focused on the LGBT sports community, from 1996 to 2006. Some of my favorite columns and features are archived on my (somewhat antiquated) website

Sporting Life, GLBT Athletics and Cultural Change From the 1960s to Today,

the expansive exhibit I designed and curated, attracted 1000s of visitors, local and visiting teams during its two-year run. I received a Certificate of Recognition from then-Senator Mark Leno. 

It is the emotional impact of actually seeing the physical evidence, the personal sports memorabilia of our community so proudly displayed, which will connect with a much wider audience and secure this exhibit's place in GLBT history.

The rich and colorful exhibit... documents the thriving gay athletic scene that includes such organizations as the San Francisco Gay Softball League, the Frontrunners running club, the Spikes soccer club and the San Francisco Track and Field Club. The exhibit is filled with rare items, gleaming under lights and organized by sport from track and field to bowling. In one case are original medals from the first Gay Games that had to have the word "Olympics" removed because of an injunction filed by the United States Olympic Committee.

–Sean Webby, San Jose Mercury News

Provenzano, the guest curator and designer of the exhibit, and (Don) Romesburg, the exhibit director, have done a first-rate job in helping capture the underappreciated role gays and lesbians have had in helping shape sports.

–Dwight Chapin, Senior Writer, San Francisco Chronicle

Sports columnist Jim Provenzano has fashioned an Emerald City version of a school gym's trophy cabinet, illustrating the community's inclusive reputation, and surpassing straight sports culture.

Bay Area Reporter

More information and a photo album here.

Selected photos 1998 to 2018

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